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crossculture.film is an independent production company focusing on development, production, financing and distribution of entertaining content for audiences worldwide. Stories that touch,
enlighten and brake the rules of mainstream and political correctness.


Storytelling , visual competence combined with wit is our landmark. We work with international skilled directors, writers and creatives … we produce what we love and like.


Regional Effect for Northmedia Film Fund/Lower Saxony and Bremen as well for Film Fund FFHSH/Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein according to cultural-economic-criteria with:


  • Fund Raising
  • Executive Producing
  • Line Producing
  • 1 AD Service
  • Locationscouting
  • Locationmanagement
  • Crew with Regional Effect

Location Stock/Photo Bank

Hamburg / Lower Saxony

Maritime Props

Boats, Ships and Water Transport

Grip Equipment

Sound and Editing Suite

Fully equiped